Motivation Formula: Boost Your Motivation to the Highest

boost motivation formula

This motivation formula is developed by Piers Steel and Cornelius J. König in ‘Temporal Motivation Theory’. This formula is also called MEVID in short.

Motivation Formula

motivation formula MEVID


Motivation = (Expectancy x Value) / (Impulsiveness x Delay)


It is your confidence of success in the work or goal you have taken. The higher the confidence the higher will be your motivation to work. So it is advisable to take up the work which is slightly above your capabilities.

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This includes two things:

  1. How fruitful the result is when you finish it.
  2. How fun it is while you are doing it.

When your task has high value the motivation also increases. One of the problems in selecting small tasks is that they are less rewarding. You might select such tasks hoping to increase your expectancy but not realizing that it has less rewards. So be cautious of which tasks you are going to select.

You should enjoy your tasks while doing it. That’s an immense boost to your willpower. If there is no fun in your tasks there could be huge impact on your motivation level.



Distractions occur often while we do some particular tasks. Impulsiveness, here,  refers to for how long we are distracted or doing some other work. As the impulsiveness increases our willpower decreases.

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When you are close to achieving your goal, the motivation is high. But when the goal or rewards seems far the motivation will diminish. So to boost your motivation, you can either choose a smaller tasks or you can slice up your goal into subgoals and focus on one subgoal at a time.