Does Black Magic Really Heal or Hurt People? – Concept of Blind Belief

does black magic exists blind belief blind faith

We have heard lots of stories which tells us black magic can cure or hurt people. But very less people know that it’s not the black magic which is doing something to them but it’s actually something else which is responsible. Know about the blind belief or blind faith.

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Does Black Magic heal people?

The answer, obviously is a big NO.

If you are wondering what caused your healing, the answer it is your subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is the one which generates the healing process.

Subconscious mind is the master controller of your body. It is on work 24×7. Even when you are sleeping it controls all the vital functions. It controls your heartbeat, body parts, healing etc.

Actually it is your subconscious mind which is doing the job here. Your subconscious mind is the healer not black magic or any other instruments. Subconscious mind has the power to generate healing energy in your body.

Here black magic is used as an instrument to trigger a strong faith (a strong positive energy) in your subconscious mind. And people will think that black magic has cured them but it’s not true. This trick is called ‘blind belief’ or ‘blind faith’.

You can heal any disease in your body without the aid of anything by a strong faith.

When people truly believe in something, they are unknowingly charging their subconscious mind with positive thoughts and emotions backed by a strong faith. Here when this strong belief transfers to your subconscious mind it releases a strong energy to your body which heals you both mentally and physically.

When you charge your mind with positive thoughts backed by a strong belief then only you can unlock true potential of subconscious which people call it as magic and think black magic has cured them.


Does Black Magic can hurt people?

The answer to this question also NO.

You can only hurt yourself. If you are saying black magic is doing something to you then it’s wrong. Actually it’s your thought of ‘black magic doing something to you’ which is changing you. It’s the blind belief or blind faith which is causing you to think like that.

There is a quote said by Buddha, ‘What you think, you become.’

Your subconscious mind doesn’t have thinking capacity. It will accept whatever facts and assumptions you feed. When people make a habit of putting in their mind similar type of thoughts (maybe positive or negative) your mind will accept it without argument and your behavior will start to change according to your nature of thoughts.

If you have a habit of thinking yourself as useless, you will become useless. If you have a habit of thinking yourself as becoming prosperous you will become prosperous. Feed your mind good and good will come out of your life but if you feed your mind with self-doubt, anger, anxiety, fear etc only the bad will come to you.

When people repeatedly clutter their mind with negative thoughts and when people put in their mind thoughts like ‘I will die because of I’m jinxed.’ They will die not because of black magic but because of their thought of dying.

Make a habit of feeding good thoughts, facts daily. If you are having negative thoughts try to indulge in something which will keep your mind busy. Remember, only think of good because what you think, you become.