13 Secrets to Success in Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

think and grow rich napoleon hill secret success book summary

Think and Grow Rich is a book written by Napoleon Hill. It took him more than 20 years of research after interviewing top successful people at that time to realize what it takes one to achieve enormous success in his life. He has listed the thirteen principles with the example of life experiences of famous personalities in his book which one needs to master in order to claim that victory.




Journey to the success starts with a burning desire. A burning desire is different from common desire. A burning desire is one when a man stands by his desire until it becomes a dominating obsession to him. He tries to do everything (dedication, sacrifice, hardwork etc) to transform the desire to money equivalent. Burning desire is one to which you are ready to sacrifice other things in your life to achieve it.



Faith is the motivation. No man go further in his quest for success without rightly-induced faith withing him. A mind dominated mind by positive thoughts mixed with emotions give you faith (positive energy) in different kinds of forms.



It is the self-suggestion. These are the suggestions and stimuli which reach our mind through five senses. It acts as an agency between conscious and subconscious mind. By mastering the principle of auto-suggestion we can feed our mind the positive thoughts and emotions which will help in maintaining a healthy mind and will aid on creative planning.


Specialized Knowledge, Personal Experience and Observations

There are two kinds of knowledge – General Knowledge and Specialized knowledge.

General knowledge is not of much use when it comes to realization of your desire into money equivalent. You need in depth knowledge and experience in the field you are trying to succeed.



Each and every great inventions, products and services started with an imagination. It is the key to the idea generation which can be converted into money equivalent. Imagination is the workshop of the mind from which great ideas come out.


Organized Planning

Success is no accident. It requires a proper realistic plan. A workable plan gives man, a motivation to initiate the work. Planning is carving out your path to the success which saves you a lot of time, reduces unnecessary thinking and preserves energy which can be fueled to your motivation or to the work.



The lack of decision or procrastination is the major failure for most of the people. A man who doesn’t believe in his decisions or a man who is easily influenced by others’ opinions is destined to be doomed. The ability to take a decision arrived from the logical reasoning is very much needed for a person who is in this quest for success.



Most of the people are good starters but bad finishers and some of them leave the work half way. Persistence develops discipline and faith in the person. When a burning desire is mixed with a strong will power, it produces enough fuel to carry you in completing the task. Organized planning also have a large role in maintaining persistence.


Power of the Master Mind

Accumulation of large wealth requires co-ordination of two or more like-minded people. A master mind is a group of people and co-ordination of their knowledge, experience and effort in a spirit of harmony to attain the same cause. Members of the master mind is very much important and must be carefully selected.


The Mystery of Sex

The emotion of sex is strongest of all other emotions combined. Because of the common misconception this emotion is generally associated with physical satisfaction. But many people ignore the power of this emotion which can be used to fuel your motivation with the process called sex transmutation. If harnessed well, it brings with it door to creative imagination, persistence, dedication and courage.


The Subconscious Mind

Our subconscious mind process everything that is fed to it irrespective of whether it is a positive or negative. By mastering the art of feeding right knowledge and thoughts to our subconscious mind with the help of auto-suggestion, we can maintain a healthy mindset which will motivate us in every step in our journey.


The Brain: Broadcasting and Receiving Station

Human brain is the most complicated material we have found so far. Understanding the basic things about how our brain works can be very helpful in careful selection of thoughts, knowledge and experience from the society.


The Sixth Sense

People often call it – the wisdom. You will master this principle only when you have mastered the other twelve principle listed above.