How to Quit Smoking and Never Do It Again| Cigarette Addiction Debunked

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Many people believe that smoking addiction is hard to get rid of. But actually its not so. Nicotine is a strong drug its easy to get hooked even with a single cigarette. But with the right strategies, facts and patience, its possible to quit smoking forever. People think will power is the main thing required to quit smoking but actually its the removing brainwash which serves as big victory in this trap.


Myths about smoking

Smokers are weak people

It’s wrong to say smokers are of weak minded without any knowledge about the person. Smoking addiction doesn’t determine what kind of person a smoker is – its just being at a wrong time and result of wrong choices. Even there are plenty of weak minded non-smokers in this world.


Smoking is a habit

No. Smoking is an addiction. Both are different and commonly misunderstood. Smoking cigarettes is nothing but getting into the slavery and feeding the nicotine monster inside you.


It relieves boredom and stress

No it’s just an illusion of smokers, especially casual smokers. It is the nicotine that is creating such illusions. The more you wait for the next cigarette the more “pleasure” you feel for relieving the craving. It has nothing to do with getting rid of boredom or stress.


It helps in concentration and confidence

Absolutely no. Smoking makes withdrawal pangs of nicotine (insecure feelings when you are deprived of nicotine) to go away temporarily. These withdrawal pangs are, actually, created by nicotine only. The more you smoke the more withdrawal pangs you will have after nicotine leaves your body.


Smokers enjoy cigarettes (smoking)

Chain smokers do not enjoy smoking. The only reason why they smoke is that they think they cannot enjoy life without cigarettes. Every chain smoker knows that cigarettes are filthy.


What doesn’t work

Focusing on Ill effects

Stressing on health risks of smoking doesn’t do good to the most of the smokers who are trying to quit smoking. In fact, it increases the chance of smoking more to some people.


Urge by family members

It might work for some people but not for all. Nicotine is a strong substance, even one cigarette is enough to make you get addicted. The real threat is not failing to quit but it might make you a secret smoker which means you may lie to your family about quitting.


It takes only will power to stop

Will power resists you from smoking addiction. The more stronger will power you have the more resistance you can have. There are a lot of people who stopped but started smoking again after a while. Even if you stop forever you might be worrying your whole life about how pleasant life was when you were a smoker. Will power is needed but its not the only one which helps in quitting.


What makes smokers to continue smoking?

Nicotine Craving

The only reason that you smoke is to feed that nicotine monster inside you. But the problem is nicotine doesn’t relieve the withdrawal symptoms (insecure feelings like anxiety, nausea etc which arises after nicotine leaves your body) actually it causes the withdrawal symptoms and every time you inhale nicotine, cravings and withdrawal symptoms will increase.


Brainwashed Mindset

If you were given a choice of going back to non-smoker life, would you start smoking again? Obviously, the answer is a BIG NO. The reason why we started smoking is because of our wrong perception on smoking. If we have wrong data then output (decision) is more likely be inaccurate.


How to quit smoking cigarettes?

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Removing the brainwash

This is the most crucial part of getting out of smoking addiction. Because of the intensity of competition we are facing in this modern era many businessmen are luring customers into purchasing their product. There is no right or wrong for such businessmen, whoever attracts customers first wins the race.

Now there are 3 groups responsible for your brainwash i.e companies (attractive and deceiving ads, hiring celebrities for promotion etc), society and nicotine addiction.

Smoking is a filthy addiction. There is nothing to gain from cigarettes. There is a general misconception that non-smoker is making the sacrifice but it’s actually smoker who is making the sacrifice i.e. health, confidence, wealth, time, relationships, success.


Set a quit date

Determine when you are going to quit smoking. Mark the date on your calendar and get rid of all cigarettes before that date. Pick a date between 2 weeks from now. You can inform your family and colleagues at work that you are quitting, people may support you.


You are giving up nothing

Smoking addiction is just a sinister trap there is nothing to gain from it. It’s just makes your more worse every time you smoke. The relaxation or confidence that you think are gaining from it are all illusions. Getting out of smoking addiction is nothing but ending the nicotine craving and restoring your health and relationships.


Cutting down doesn’t work

Reducing the number of cigarettes might not work for most of the people who are trying their best to quit. And that’s because cigarettes addiction is nothing but drug addiction. Nicotine is a strong drug and harder to cope with. If you increase the interval between smoking the more “pleasure” (relief of withdrawal symptoms caused by nicotine) you will feel. And that’s how people get hooked forever. You have to leave completely and not to touch even one cigarette.


‘Just one cigarette’

Okay now let’s assume you stopped smoking for few weeks or months. You will feel happy for yourself but you might be wishing for a reward. And honestly there is no wrong thing but it would be no less than a heinous crime if you try even one cigarette. If you try one, even if you dislike the taste or experience it doesn’t matter because it’s nicotine that makes you addict not taste. So once you stop smoking never touch it again in your life.


You are a non-smoker already

The moment you quit smoking you become a non-smoker. It’s not like you have to wait for certain weeks.


Rejoice the moment

Don’t wait for the things to happen. As soon as you quit enjoy being a non-smoker. Give time to your families enjoy that you are out of that filthy-life-destroying addiction. For first 3 or 4 days you will experience withdrawal symptoms (or craving to smoke). But don’t worry once you survive few days cravings will start go away and you will feel more confidence within you.


Don’t over-expect

Getting rid of smoking addiction makes your wallet thick and confidence, health will return but you should not expect anything big happening in your life just because you left smoking. There are a lot of benefits from quitting smoking and you should use those benefits to change your life.


Don’t doubt the choice

Smoking is filthy, it tastes awful. The only reason people smoke is to feed the nicotine monster. It takes away your money, self-confidence, time, energy and relationships. Cigarettes makes you more miserable day by day. It was never a social habit and never will be. Lots of people are leaving smoking now-a-days and they are more happy than ever. Cigarette addiction is a trap, never fall for that again.