How to Overcome Fear of Failure in Your Life | Perfectionism Debunked

how overcome fear failure

If you ask for the reason why majority of the people is not pursuing their goal, they will answer you its the fear of failure. They often think that perfectionism is something which you can develop and can achieve the goal without any error. No one can fight fear we can only overcome from it.


Myths about Failure

Failures can be avoided

There is nothing called perfectionism. Its not possible, whatever the best you try to do there will be always some mistakes and room for improvements. Perfectionism is a myth don’t go behind it. Make your work appreciated by the public, don’t expect everyone to like your work.


Failure is bad

Majority of the people take failure as bad because they feel sad when it happens to their life. We categorize failure as negative because from our society classifies ‘sad events’ as bad and ‘happy events’ as good. This kind of thinking often leads to depression or anxiety.


Failure is the end

You might have heard people saying ‘Dude, clearly this is not your field. You can’t do it.’ when you couldn’t do something. We take failure as something which ends the work. We take it as a final message or notice which says to us ‘this is where it ends.’ This is not true, its just our perspective and absence of logical thinking.


Fear is bad

For us fear is the culprit and it is the one of the main reason for procrastination. We treat like something which cannot come over. We take it as a challenge to fight and eradicate it so that there will be no inconvenience. But many of us do not realize that fear is common, fear is nature. We cannot fight it, if we do we will fail.


Failure is not what you think

Failure is not a dead end. We feel like there is no further way when we experience ‘failure’. We think like this because our brain doesn’t know what to do next. But it doesn’t mean that your mind doesn’t know at all. First thing you need to understand is to replace the word ‘failure’ with ‘frustration’ or ‘momentary lapse’. If you analyze what does failure really mean you will know that it is something which didn’t work out. Failure has nothing to do with your capabilities. It’s just a natural phenomena which tells you to try something different.


How to overcome fear of failure

Analyze the fear

When you have the fear of failure, and if it’s stopping you to take an effective action just analyze why you are having the fear or thought of incapability. Most of the time we do negative thinking. We consider extreme bad consequences even before making a plan. And that’s impossible. One will realize what he / she is doing once he / she starts doing it.


Keep it simple

Everyone wants to become successful and it’s good but they take too much at once. They burden themselves with complicated tasks which is beyond their capabilities. You have to keep everything simple try to take tasks which is slightly greater than your capabilities. Making complicated goals can make you distract from achieving┬áit.


Take notes of events

Keeping a track of your daily events can be beneficial to you. Noting down in bullet points helps you analyze where you are heading and warn you of common hindrances which you can avoid or will give you enough time to prepare for it. It is good to maintain a journal dedicated to your work.



You want to do your work without any second thoughts? Well, if yes, A fully condensed plan can do it. Set a goal which can be achieved within 3 months of time but if you have a long-term goal you can divide it into sub-goals. Now prepare one-week plan. Select any day for it. I prefer Sundays but you can choose any day. And now prepare for each day what you are gonna do and how you gonna do it. List all the resources required for the activity. You can use project management apps like Trello. Once you have a whole week plan, you can start doing it without sitting idle.


Learning from mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes and that’s how we learn and there is no exception to it. Often, people don’t show their weaknesses or mistakes they hide it and only show their positive part. All our mistakes gives us something valuable lessons and it provides us a new angle to the problem and solution we are facing. If you observe carefully, whenever we make mistake our perspective of thinking changes but often we take it in a negative angle.


Don’t generalize

We always generalize concepts into ‘good’ and ‘bad’. For example, the word ‘struggle’. You might have heard from your friends or families “He is struggling a lot in life thats bad. I don’t know how he will cope with that.” Sometimes its bad but sometimes its not. Struggle is natural process of evolution. Without the struggle we will be weak only.


Go around the bushes

Sometimes there are more than one solution to the given problem. It might be difficult to achieve rather than the easiest one. For example, you wanted to promote a blog post form your website so you try on Facebook but unfortunately all of your friends are only concerned about memes and liking happy moments of others lives. So you are disappointed but one day you come across platforms like Quora where you can promote. You have no followers on Quora but you have good writing skills so you start to build your followers list by writing good content. So here though it takes some more time, you may get more response from Quora.


Imagine your future

Just think how it would look like if you were working around the failures and giving your 100% to the work. Imagine how you would be working if you have came over the obstacle. Then you would know how a small hindrance could derail your whole future. These rock-like obstacles just block your path of success once you avoid them you will know they were not what you had thought about them.


Negative thinking

Our brain is evolved to suffer psychologically. We tend to give more focus to negative thoughts than what we have. You can see people always fighting for their sad thoughts. Sometimes you can get rid of but other times you have to let it go and not focus on it. Fighting against it only drag them more into the negative world. Moreover, majority of the negative thoughts are not true at all.


Deep Breathing exercises

Try some meditation techniques to calm yourself. Sometimes we need to give our brain some break. You can even try Deep breathing techniques.

“A fear of weakness only strengthens weakness.” – CRISS JAMI