How To Overcome Negative Thoughts: A Guide To Positive Thinking

overcome stop negative thoughts

All the people experience negative thoughts in their life but anyone can overcome negative thinking. Fortunately, there are various techniques you can adopt to stop negative thoughts and empower positive thinking and have a control over your mind.



Control your mind and thinking

Analyze the thought

Most of the time, thoughts are exaggerated. We often conclude our thoughts to worst possible outcome but it’s not true. Many thoughts are not realistic if you analyze clearly. So whenever random negative thoughts are crawling in your head, don’t simply judge it instead analyze it.


Set a worry timer

It’s okay if you experience negative feelings sometimes because no matter what strategy you adopt no one can escape the trap of negative thinking. Instead of that, set a timer if you are in negative thinking. Have a timer of 5 – 10 minutes if the thoughts are overpowering your abilities, after the timer quickly distract your mind and occupy something interesting to keep your mind busy. Maintaining worry timer might avoid anxiety or depression.


Take mindful action

Generally, negative thoughts overpower your mind when you are idle. They are creative in convincing you why your goals may lead to failure. Moreover, overthinking on the unnecessary things is mere waste of time and energy. Why not use the same on something constructive to overcome negative thoughts?


Accept the reality

So what’s the reality here?

It’s – You can’t eliminate negative thoughts just by thinking, but you can lessen them by accepting the fact. Just keep your mind calm. Making the situation more complex won’t help you, keep everything simple as they are.


Know your triggers

Often, negative thinking is triggered by something around you or something you can see. It maybe pack of cigarettes on the table which is affecting your health or web in the corner that reminds you cleaning which you are postponing from last 2 months. Write down all the triggers in a separate piece of paper.



Be conscious about what feelings you are going through but don’t judge anything. Know your mood everyday – when you wakeup, when you return from the work and when you go to bed. It’s better to keep track of your moods in a journal or App in your smartphone. Tracking your mood can be very beneficial knowing how you are behaving and what counter-measures you can take.


Distract your mind

If you are continuously experiencing negative thoughts and having difficulties in doing your work, it’s better to occupy your mind with some distracting but interesting things. If you keep your mind busy enough, negatives thoughts won’t be a problem for the moment. Try 9 Productive ways to get rid of Boredom or any of the following things:

  • Try YouTube for funny videos
  • Watch movies and Seasons
  • Try Documentaries and knowledge-related videos (Also found in YouTube)
  • Do painting and drawing
  • Learn a new skill
  • Go out for a walk
  • Talk to a friend
  • Play games outside or on your device


Focused deep breathing

Your breathing pattern has a effect on your body and on your emotions too. By adopting right breathing techniques you can calm your body and mind. Always sit up straight, know where your body is tense and mentally try to breathe into those parts. Exercise deep breathing daily for 10 – 15 minutes. Try 5 Simple Deep Breathing Exercises To Reduce Stress Levels



There are a lot of meditation techniques and goal of meditation depends on the meditation too. Try this website – Meditation can be very helpful to overcome negative thinking.


Know your life, Set principles

Define your core values

What’s the goal of your life? You know where you are heading?

Core values are the principles of your life and it defines the purpose of your journey. Without the core values is like wandering in the desert without any destination. And moreover you will be walking aimlessly wasting your time and energy and probably incur more losses. If you set core values you can minimize the damage and probably more happy.


Make priorities

After you set your core values – if you haven’t set before – you have to prioritize which of them you want to take first. Make two lists: on one of them, write all the important things that you want to do about your job or work; and on the other list write all the important things about your life. Sort them according to priority, first being highest priority.


Create a goal

Start with a short-term goal so that you won’t be disappointed if you don’t achieve it. Your goal might be based on a single priority or a combination of multiple priorities for e.g. “I will reach office early so that I can complete it early and there by I can spend time with my family.” or “I will read at least one self help book every week.”


Develop strategies

Keep your goal realistic and cut it down into sub goals which you can complete in 3 months. Review your activity on daily basis and create a complete 7-day plan every week so you don’t waste time on thinking what to do next.


Make it as a passion

If you stick to your goals honestly it will become a habit. Moreover, it will give you confidence boost in your life. After completion of the task, analyze how it went, how was your mood and what were the unexpected situations.


Analyze your relationships

Be more conscious

Do not forget your closed ones. You might be with them but if you are not spending quality time with them then it is not good for you. Make sure you invest some time with your spouse after you come home. Neglecting your family can become a serious reason to your negative thinking.


Clear past conflicts

You can’t be happy if you are stuck with your past relationship worries. If there is unresolved problem you should do something. You can contact the person and have a productive talk with him/her.


Work on current relationships

Even if you are in the loop of worries, don’t forget about your current relationship. When you first wake up talk to your family. Be emotionally present with the spouse and other family members. If you are really busy in your life, tell your family they may understand your problem.


Avoid negative people

There will be some people around you e.g. colleagues at work who will continuously try to haunt you. In that case there may not be a solution. If you have any such people avoiding may seem good idea but make sure you consider following:

  • How will they react when you neglect them?
  • Are you going to neglect them completely or partially?
  • How good are you without them?
  • What is your plan for their reaction on your avoidance?


Analyze your environment

Home sweet home

Your house is a safe place for you. But if you are a victim of negative thinking even in your house then it’s not good. Keep your home simple. Too much things can be a constraint to your positive thinking or at least it will become a distraction. Try to get rid of unnecessary items which are sitting idle or put them into the box and keep them in a separate room, if you have.


Your digital life

One of the biggest reason for procrastination and distractions is that we have too many information and choices in this modern world mainly because of the Internet. If you purchase a smartphone within a week your storage will be flooded with files you may never use. Limit your resources to your needs.


Simplify your activities

Cut out unproductive activities which costs you time and energy. Since we are living in a modern world, we have too many choices which is enough to kill our precious time. Make a list of activities which will add value to your life and cancel out others.


Avoid distractions

When there is more choices so there is more chances of getting distracted. One can get easily distracted with so many happenings around us. A single smartphone is enough to completely distract us from our work for years! Starting from the mobile notifications, emails, phone calls, messages, television, banners and posters, window shopping etc there is no end to it. Read How To Avoid Distractions And Concentrate On Your Studies And Goals for a detailed guide on the distractions.