How To Avoid Distractions And Concentrate On Your Studies And Goals

how avoid distractions concentrate studies

With the right techniques you can avoid distractions and concentrate on your studies and other goals. Many students claim they can’t concentrate but everyone has the ability to focus any given work. Generally, developing concentration takes time so don’t be sad if you cannot do it from the first day only.  Systematic approach is very much needed when you are trying to focus on the things to achieve mental concentration.



Know your goal

First, you should know where you are heading. A man without purpose will wander and waste his entire time. There is no meaning in mastering focus if he/she doesn’t have any goals. Knowing what you are trying to achieve will give you a narrow path where you can concentrate on your studies more easily.


Make a plan

When you have a destination then you need a path to arrive at that destination. Not having a path is like being stranded on middle of desert and you have no idea how to get out. Preparing a full-in-depth plan saves a lot of time and energy and you can avoid distractions and stop procrastinating because you know what to do in every step.

So, you need to do two things here:

a) Set a time limit to your whole project within which you need to finish the work.

b) Cut down your plan to daily to-do list. Write your daily task on the sticky notes and plant it where it is visible to you the most time.


Study space

The workplace has great influence over how much one is able to concentrate on his/her studies hence you have to be very sure in selection of the study space. Moreover, a good workplace can give you positive feedbacks and can avoid distractions even when you are frustrated can significantly decrease the impact of anxiety.

Now, think on what kind of environment you like. Is it an open area with a beautiful view of nature? or you like being in a confined area? or a place without too much silence? Try each one and know where your creativity level is highest.


Negative thoughts

Okay, you came up with a project, prepared a condensed plan by investigating your time and energy. You picked the best workplace you could find and finally, with a happy face you sat down to start the studies, then boom! a lot of negative thoughts started coming in your mind. Don’t worry it happens at the first time.



Take a look at your place. Consider every object you are seeing. It may be a wallpaper hanging on the wall, a nice drawing on the coffee cup in front of you, a beautiful scenery outside the window or web in the corner of the wall. Think on what kind of emotions or memories it draws. If it is a distraction to you, get rid of it or at least cover it.


Cut off noises

A constant sound in the background is enough to set the mood off from the work. Know what kinds of noises you are hearing like from the ceiling fan, dog barking, a song or music. Try to keep the door shut or if you can’t use headphones or cotton to cover your ears to avoid distractions.



If you are experiencing too many distractions then your time of work may be the problem. For e.g. if you are having a goal of reading novel, then nigh time, before going to bed may be the best option because there are less distractions around you. Know whether a change in time, if you can, will lessen the distractions.

Regular intervals

Give yourself proper rest while working on long hours. Your mind needs proper rest in regular intervals of time to keep focused on the project. Pomodoro technique is productivity methods to develop. Set a timer to 25 minutes and take 5 – 10 minutes rest after that again set the timer. Take a long break after every 4 breaks.



Setup routine

Many distractions can be eliminated if you make your goal a routine. When you make something a habit, it becomes pattern and our brain reprograms itself to the routine. Thereon, you can easily focus on your work and increase your productivity than before. The more you practice concentration the better focus you will have. On an average, it takes two months to build a habit if you are consistent.


Healthy diet

What you eat and drink has influence over your emotions. Consuming unhealthy foods like junk foods will negatively impact your mood and can significantly lower your will power. Say bye-bye to spicy and oily products which look tasty but in reality they are not. Eat healthy foods like vegetables, fruits like apples, bananas, oranges; eggs, meats, nuts, seeds and peanuts like almonds, cashew; fishes like salmon.



Often the fear of failure is the biggest obstacle for us to keep a calm mind. Try different types of concentration meditation and mindful meditation daily. Pick a good, quiet spot and exercise meditation to improve your focus. Spending 15 – 20 minutes daily is ideal to boost your concentration towards your studies.



Your brain is connected to muscle and nerve. So whatever you do on your muscle has effects on your brain. Maintain your physique well by doing exercises daily. Physical workout can boost your confidence and will lower many risks related to your health. You can even try exercises in your home if you feel comfortable. There are a lot of exercises which doesn’t even need an equipment. Check your weight regularly.