How Almonds help in getting rid of Health Problems

almonds benefits
Even though almonds were praised all over the world, they were the popular diet of Egyptians and Indians. Ancient Indian Ayurvedic practitioner believed it can increase brain capacity and intellectual capability.

The word ‘almond’ comes from Old French ‘almande’ or ‘alemande’ meaning ‘an almond’.


Per 100gm of Almonds
Calories        570
Carbs            21g
Fat                49g
Protein          21g
Water             4%
Calcium        260mg (26%)
Vitamin E     25mg (170%)
Sodium         1mg


1. Good for Bones:

Almonds are rich with Vitamins ,Minerals and Phosphorous. They help in strengthening bones and teeth and also protect from aging. They can helpful in fighting tooth decay and lowers the risk of bone fractures.

2. Healthy Brain:

They contain many nutrients which helps in maintaining a healthy brain. Riboflavin and L-Carnitine are the two nutrient found in the almonds which helps in boosting brain functionality and decrease the risk of Alzheimer disease.  

3. Regulation of Cholesterol:

They decrease the level of Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL). Reduction in LDL level is crucial as to maintain a good and healthy.

4. Good for the Heart:

They play a good role in maintaining a healthy heart and decreases the risk of heart-related diseases. They contain anti-oxidants which helps in reducing the risk of heart problems. Apart from that, they also have mono-unsaturated fats, proteins and potassium which is beneficial for having a healthy heart.

5. Healthy skin:

They contain vitamins and minerals which beneficial in having a healthy skin. Vitamin E and other Anti-oxidants in the almonds reduce the signs of aging and gives you a fresh-looking face.

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