Drug Addiction – Effects, Types and Remedies

overcome drug addiction
It can be very easy to blame someone who got addicted to drugs. But only that person knows how it’s painful to get rid of that. Fortunately, Drug Addiction is a treatable. Quitting addiction, especially drug addiction, requires strong will power because continuous use of drugs make our brains very hard to get rid of.
Remember, repeated consumption of a drug or any other will make your brain to get addicted and will start to crave for more even if it has harmful consequences. These things are very cruel in convincing your brain and will confuse your brain in each decision-making if you continue indulging in addiction. And the most frightening fact is that you will not notice this because any repetitive action makes it a habit and will eventually result in a subconscious activity. 




Drug effect on the mind

Naturally, our brain’s reward system is the ability to adapt and survive. If something activates this system then our brain assumes that something necessary to survive is happening. Then our brain creates the feeling of pleasure. These are called Primary Rewards. It includes Food, water and sex.

Abuse of addictive substances floods our brain’s ‘reward system’  with dopamine (pleasure). How quickly it happens depends on how you take it. A person who is abusing drug for long period of time takes/consumes drug not to feel high but to feel Normal. Repetitive drug use can lead to some major affect on our brain i.e. learning problems, decision-making, stress-related problems and memory loss. Drug abuse overstimulates reward system (more dopamine). If repeated frequently, brain starts to adapt to the overwhelming dopamine by producing less of it’s own dopamine or closing down the number of dopamine receptors. This activity craves the person to abuse more drug.


It would be very difficult to understand the real psychological reasons for drug or any other addiction. But in general, one can unfold the reasons which provoke a person to abuse drug.

Why people do drugs

1. Fun or Cool: 

Many people start doing drugs with the misconception that abusing drug, alcohol or indulging in any addiction is ‘a cool attitude’. For most of the people celebration means drinking and abusing drugs. That is the only way that they think to enjoy the moment. People starting to abuse drug for fun will eventually fall into vicious well of addiction from which they cannot get out.

2. Pleasure: 

Abusing drug is one of the way to get pleasure with zero effort. Naturally, people are lazy and give more preference to short-term benefits (Pleasure) than long-term (Happiness). It is a sad fact that most teenagers lack knowledge and are very confused about their own life and make a wrong decision which they repent later on. One can argue that pleasure may be good but we all know any addiction is not good especially drugs which are harmful to human body.

3. Escapism:

 People tend use drug most of the time to escape from problems. These problems may be related to their family, friends, job, future or anything else. Generally, people don’t like to go out of their comfort zone and that’s how they develop the habit of procrastination. This kind of attitude result in accumulation of problems which get complex from time to time, if not solved. By abusing drug they distract their mind and get away from the tension and dwell in the fantasy world for the moment but later they realize this is only a temporary fix. That’s why they repeat such nuisance.

4. Curiosity: 

What came in your mind when first thought about the drug? It is getting high, party, pleasure, girls, sex. People who do party and drugs and get 10x more pleasure drive other people crazy and these people are misguided or have no knowledge about this kinds of things. Our brain judges on what we see and not on what the actual matter is.

5. Addiction: 

Once a person gets addicted to something, our brains confuses it as a necessary substance to survive. And moreover, drug addiction is one of the strongest addiction which hijacks the brain and is very difficult to get out of. These drugs change the way how brains think and eventually changes behavior of that person. These drugs are so strong that it craves the person to abuse more and more drugs and cause a downward spiral which gets more difficult to stop.

6. Dependent:

 Many teenagers lack confidence and are dependent on other friends. They cannot face the world alone or else feel anxiety. So, they often get involve in the group but to get involve in the group they have to follow what the group is doing. Without any choice they start to follow these kind of things.



  Consequences of drug abuse for long period of are very devastating and uncontrollable. It will vandalize each and every organ in the body in a irreversible state and may cost life.


Common purpose of stimulants is to increase alertness and energy. They target on the Central Nervous System and trigger feeling of extreme well-being. When the drug effect fades off the user is left with the feeling of energy loss

List of drugs:

Street Names: Coke, Cola, Snow, Snow White, Sugar, Flake, C, Nose Candy, Baseball, Blow, Powder, Dust, Yeyo, Stash.

Street Names: Crack, Rock, Hard Rock, Apple Jacks, Kryptonite, Base.

Crystal Meth (Methamphetamine):
Street Names: Meth -> chalk, crank, brown, cinnamon, chicken feed, crypt, getgo, beannies, fast, pervitin, redneck cocaine, speed, tick-tick, tweak, wash, yaba, yellow powder. Crystal Meth -> glass, ice, hot ice, crystal, crystal glass, shabu, stove top, cristy, tina, ventana.

MDMA (Ecstasy):
Street Names: X, E, XTC, beans, candy, dancing shoes, disco biscuits, dove, e-bomb, hug drug, egg rolls, happy pill, love drug, malcolm, scooby snacks, vitamin e, vitamin x.

→ Other Stimulants: The following stimulants are not as harmful as the above but are commonly overlooked.

-> Nicotine
-> Caffeine
-> Tea
-> Coca



Inhalants are volatile substances which are sniffed and give immediate effect. These are the chemicals that are found in the common household items. There are more than 1000 household products which can be used as an inhalant. Inhalants make the body deprive of oxygen and heart to beat faster. The toxic chemicals quickly run into lungs and bloodstream then reach the brain. Inhalants sometimes cause irreversible damage.

Types of Inhalant drugs are:
→ Glues
→ Paint Thinner
→ Aerosol Sprays
→ Gasoline
→ Laughing Gas

Short-term effects include heart attack or suffocation and Long-term issues include permanent damage to body and brain, weak muscles and strength.

Street Names: air blast, aroma of men, bolt, bullet, discorama, heart-on, highball, hippie crack, huff, laughing gas, moon gas, medusa, oz, poor man’s pot, Satan’s secret, snotballs, spray, toilet water, whippets.


Cannabinoids are one of the chemical components found in the Weed plant. There are 66 chemicals in plant which are classified as cannabinoids. They target specific receptors (CB1 and CB2) in our central nervous system.

→ Hashish:

Street Names: hash, bhong, ganja, weed, charas.


Street Names: weed, ganja, mary jane, pot, grass, dope, herb, aunt mary, skunk, boom, blanket, dinkie dow, ding, giggle smoke, hot stick.



Depressants are also called ‘downers’ which temporarily slowdown the brain by reducing the performance of Central Nervous System (CNS). It was primarily used for medical purposes. The main types of depressants include Benzodiazepines and Barbiturates,  alcohol and opiates.


  These are the prescription drug which is primarily used to treat insomnia and anxiety. It reduces the activity of neurons which cause anxiety. Long-term use of Benzodiazepines could be fatal.

This drug makes the user to relax or makes the people to sleep. It is similar to alcohol and effects can last 5 – 6 hours. In medical, Barbiturates is used occasionally to treat seizure disorder, alcohol posioning, some problems related to skull.
Opiates are the derived form of opium and taken as smoke, injecting or snorting. It gives the user intense feeling of well-being.


Steroids are taken to improve physical performance and to increase muscle mass and strength. It affects the normal hormonal production in the body.Street Names: juice, gym candy, pumpers, stackers, andro.


These drugs cause the user to see things and hear voices that don’t exist. The drug makes the user to experience hallucinations and cause frequent changes in emotions. After taking the drug the user will lose self-control.
→ LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide)
→ Mescaline

→ Psilocybin

Effects of Hallucinogens:

Short-term or immediate effects include euphoria, dizziness and vision problems, anxiety, increased heart rate and blood pressure, nausea and vomiting.Street Names: acid, battery acid, looney toons, tab, dots, purple heart.


Cure for Drug Addiction


Meditation & Yoga:

Meditation is a sure way to develop a healthy mind. It helps in developing concentration, clarity, emotional stability. Meditation is a bridge which leads to spiritual enlightenment. it has no time period, it can be done for one minute or hour. Meditation can be an effective tool which can help a lot for addicts in stress-relief.

→ Get away from the friends

who encourage you to use drugs. Don’t hang out with those friends and surround yourself with positive people who are constantly trying to improve themselves. Keep in touch with motivated and successful people.

→ Get Help from others.

 Don’t afraid of seeking or getting help from the others like family members, friends etc. You can ask advice from the elder people because they have already gone through your age and know what are the repercussions. Or else contact a therapist who skilled in dealing with addiction-related issues.

→ Do other things.

 If you can’t control yourself or have urge, try to distract your mind by doing some busy work or even getting away from the thing which is making you an addict. Develop some new hobbies, focus on that.

Inpatient Treatment:

Inpatient treatment or inpatient rehab give you effective therapy and tools. In this treatment you group with other people who are also trying to alcohol or drug addiction. Inpatient rehab, also called as Residential rehab, provide 24/7 care and have many different programs. Average number of days for rehab is 30 days but may require 60 – 90 days depending upon the condition and treatment. Inpatient rehab is for the people who are severely addicted. This treatment helps you in focusing solely on the addiction. The treatment features group and individual therapy, detoxification through supervision and medication. if required.

Outpatient Treatment:

In this treatment you visit the rehab at regular intervals. Outpatient treatment gives you many various services like:
multidimensional family therapy, motivational interviewing, matrix model, contingency management, cognitive behavioral therapy and others.